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In Operation projects
* Transport studies:
Cairo occupies a historical position as one of the principal capitals in the Arab world particularly and the whole world generally, but due to the increasing of population, internal migration and intellectual economic growth for people brackets which lead to political economic social activity increasing, government has been obliged to solve the transport problems which has been taken place inside greater Cairo.   
In comparison with different world countries and cities which have underground metro such as London, new York and Seoul, Cairo occupied the thirty fifth position in metro lines length which emphasize that metro as a mass transport means became the optimum solution to meet the transport needs, therefore the establishment of metro lines network in greater Cairo was necessary and evitable.  
All transport  studies stressed the necessity to establish metro lines network to link greater Cairo suburbs together and to develop the said lines network continually to meet the over population and the regional growth .
The most important studies done for Cairo is the French experience house study (Sofretu) in 1973 then regional greater Cairo transport study of the French consultancy office ( Systra ) in 1998 - 2000 and the comprehensive transport planning study of (JICA) in 2000-2002 .
the present greater Cairo metro lines network include line 1 which extends from Helwan to New El-Marg , line 2 which extends from Shubra El-Kheima to EL-Monieband line 3 phase 1 from Attaba to Abbasia .
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