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Line 3
( i.e 10th of Ramadan parking lot ) in the eastern direction to serve these new cities and the passengers coming from ( Ismailia ,Port Said , Al Sharkia and Sinai Peninsula) .In its western direction,the Metro line will be extended up to Embaba to be linked with the Ring Road, Road EL-Farag corridor, and Gam'et El Dwal street, to serve Bolak El Dakror area and to be linked with line 2 through Cairo university station . For the purpose of exchanging the services and facilities with the different means of transportation , It became necessary to construct exchanging stations that include metro station, train station ,if any, parking lot for cars ,

and bus stop to provide the best transportation service to Cairo inhabitants and its visitors that reach to 3-4 Millions Person/Day to evacuate the capital center from the vehicles . The length of line 3 is 45.5 km , comprising a total number of 36 stations { (23) underground station , (2) On-grad station , and (11) elevated station }. Line 3 is the first transversal line in the Cairo Metro Network , as it passes from east to west crossing the lines 1 & 2 . execution of the line is carried out through four phases :

Greater Cairo Metro – Line 3 ( Embaba- El Mohandiseen – Heliopolis – Cairo International Airport ):
The transportation studies which were carried out on Greater Cairo region had specified the route of line 3 to be started from Embaba to El Mohandiseen ,passing under the Nile up to Elzamalek Island – Attaba .
square – Abbassia – Cairo Stadium – Heliopolis – Alf Maskan – Gesr Al Swis – Cairo Airport with a total length of 34.2 km. Due to the urban expansions through constructing the new cities at the east of Cairo ( i.e 10th of Ramadan, Badr , Al Shrouk , Al Obour,…etc ), The joint ministerial committee , formed between Ministry of Transport and Ministry of housing and reconstruction , have studied the common projects to reach the required recommendation for the development of these projects which include the studies of Line 3 project so as to be extended up to the Ring Road in it intersection with Ismailia Road
Phase 1:  (Attaba - Abassia ) 
    with a length of 4.3 km - 5 stations . ..... More
Phase 2:  (Abbassia square –Al Aharam street in Heliopolis  ) 
    with a length of 7.7 km - 4 stations .......More
Phase 3:  ( Attaba – Kitkat ) (Kitkat – Road EL Farag) (kitkat-cairo university)
   with a length of 17.7 km - 15 stations ..... More

Phase 4:  (Al Ahram –Cairo Airport  ) 
    with a length of 15 km - 12 stations.  ..... More

The importance of line 3 :

- Meeting the huge transportation demands along the route of line 3

- Reduction of the traffic density of the other means of transportation with a rate equivalent to 2 M trip/daily .

- Linking between the east and west of Cairo ,since that line 3 is the first transversal line, while lines 1 & 2 are linking between the north and south of Cairo.

- Exchanging the service with line 1 & 2 in Attaba , Gamal Abd El Naser and Cairo University stations .

- The saving for the national economy achieved by line 3 project is 2700 M.EGP per year.

Phase 4:  (Alahram - Cairo Airport ) 
   Total length 15.8 Km
    NO. of station 10 stations.....More

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