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A study of the region found that the College of Engineering and some colleges and schools was to resort to symbols of engineering and technology in the formation of balanced lines represent bridges outstanding and tunnels and is one of the directions of scientific Egypt plays the role of scientists and engineers, and has taken into account the balance chromatography and linearity inconfiguration
* Artwork and frescoes:
The station consists of three floors, with four entrances and elevators to transport passengers from the street level to the station platform and the length of the station is 150 meters and width of 17.5 meters and a depth of 22.5 meters from the station ground.

The station is located in Abdou Pasha Square and is an area of high residential density and serve the industrial area behind the  Faculty of Engineering station, Ain Shams University in addition to students in schools and colleges and the College of Engineering
Abdo Pasha Station
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