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Execution difficulties of Line1
- Execution of phase 1 - line 1 works required compulsory expreopriation of many of the real state , whether governmental or private properties , the matter which necessitate issuance of a persidential decree to finalize the expreprsation process
- Diversion of the public utilities works (DPU) such as the water network, samitary drainage , electricity , telephones and natural gas , as these utilities represented one of the most difficulties encountered the organization during the implementation of the project due to the absence of the accurate drawings or plans .
- Due to the complexity of these difficulties, and the objection of the citizens reganding the expropriation process and the DPU , the Cairo governotate and its affiliated authorities in cooperation and coordination with the Metro organization and the French Contractor have succeeded to give and issue all the required permissions and licences to start the execuation of phase 1 in 1983 .
Difficulties faced
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