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Phase 1 of Line 3
 Phase 1 : ( Attaba – abbassia ) :
- This phase extends from Attaba square up to Abbassia square with a length of 4.3 km , in addition to 1 km for the workshop connection , it includes 5 no. underground stations ( Attaba – Bab Elsharaya – El Geish – Abdu Basha – Abbassia ) 4 no. ventilation stations and a light repair workshop at abbassia, where there would be an interchange for passengers to line 2 at Attaba station.
- Priority given to phase 1 route to be the kickoff of line 3 execution is due to several studies regarding the volume and density of the population in the areas of line 3 route. Phase 1 stations are located at the most crowded commercial areas in the city center from Attaba up to Bab Elsharya .
- This phase carries about 350 000 passenger / day (i.e the transportation capacity of about 3500 buses running in Line 3 route .
New In Line 3

El Geish station

Attaba station

El Geish station

Bab Elsharya station
* Using air-conditioned trains to provide special service for passengers.
* Using automatic entrance and exit gates for magnetic paper and smart contactless cards .
* Using electronic data screens in the station platforms to display time and directions of the trains..
* Using high capacity and multi-modal light fibers networks which work as effectively as Al-Azhar 2 Tunnels for Cars networks.

* positioning the Central Control Point (CCP) of the Third Line in Attaba tunneled station for the first time

Phase 1 stations

* Constructing a commercial shopping center in Attaba station for the public.

* Using high technology screens and new multi-media programs operated, by rays rather than lighting cells, effectively without the requirement of large spaces inside CCP and that can be expanded without many modifications
* Using electrical switches operated by the Metro Network medium voltage at 20 KV and the Electricity Company Network medium voltage at 11 KV.
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- Execution of this phase started on 7-7-2007 with a total cost of 4.2 billion egyptian pound and the inauguration took place on 21-2-2012
Difficulties faced
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