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Phase 3 of Line 3

* Line 3_phase 3 :

( Attaba/Kitkat - Kitkat/Embaba - Kitkat/Cairo university )
The Route of this phase extends from El-Attaba to Rod El-Farag corridor , passing through Al-Kit Kaat up to Cairo Unversity station of line 2 .
The total length of this phase is about 17.7 km. , comprising 15 stations , and shall be executed in three parts :
* The first part (3A) :
This part extends from Attaba to Al-Kit Kat with a total length of 4 Km , it comprises (4) tunnel stations ( Naser - Maspyro - Al-Zamalek - Al-Kit Kat) .

It extends from El Kitkat station passing through Embaba area and ended at the intersection station at Rod El Farag corridor with a total length of 6.6 km., comprises 6 no stations ( one underground station , two ground station ,and three elevated stations ) ; El Soudan, Embaba, Bohy, El Kawmya ElArabia,Ring Road , and the interchanging station at Rod Al Farag corridor .

* The second part (3B)  :

It extends from El Kitkat station passing through El Mohandesien & Bolak El Dakrour areas and ends at Cairo University with a total length of 7.1 km, it comprises 5 no . stations ( Three underground stations ,one elevated station , and one ground station ) ; El Tawfikya – Wady El Nile – Gammeat El Dewal – Bolak El Dakrour - Cairo University. Diversion works of the public utilities in the route of part (3A) are currently under progress .

* The third part (3C) :
* Saving of the execution cost :
Difficulties faced
metro projects