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Phase 4 of Line 3

 * Phase 4 : (El Ahram / Cairo Airport ): Its total length is 15.8 km., and comprises 12 stations .

- It extends from Haroun station up to Cairo Airport ,passing through 10th of Ramadan parking lot at the intersection of the Ring Road with Ismalya desert road ( based upon the studies and recommendations of the joint committee formed between Ministry Of Transport and Ministry of Housing ) where the total length of this phase will be 15.8 km. It comprises 12 no. stations ( Haroun – Heliopolis square – Alf Maskan – El Shams club – El Nozha 1 – El Nozha 2 – Kibaa – Omar Ebn El Khattab – El Herafyeen – El salam (10th of Ramadan parking lot) El Shaheed Ahmed Galal and Cairo Airport ) to serve the new Cities in east of Cairo and achieve the service exchanging with the different means of transportation .

Line 3 overall workshop beside 10th of ramadan parking lot
Intersection Station at east of Cairo
Difficulties faced
metro projects