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Port Said Road and Railway tunnels
Southern Port Said road and railway tunnels under Seuz canal will connect between Sinai peninsula and Nile Delta through several land axis and railways .
This project consists of three tunnels two of them are road and the last for railway with an inner diameter of 10,8 meters and its outer diameter is 11,8 meter ,the maximum hight is 5.5 meters.
- This project adds a fixed axis ,linking between Nile Delta and Sinai Peninsule , it correrponds Al-Qantarah elevated bridge, Ahmed Hamdy tunnel axis and Al-Fardan bridge axis as well.
* Project description :
- This project is considered as an additional and reciprocal axis with Al-Qantara elevated axis above the Suez canal.
- The tunnel is considered as one of the infrastucture projects at the national standard to serve national projects like the international coastal road project, new axial port in eastern Port Said , and Sinai Peninsula development project
- The tunnels are considered as a contribution to serve the touristic projects established east of Suze Canal and to develope Sinai Peninsula which represent an important strategic depth for Egypt.
Difficulties faced
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