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Phase 2 of Line 3
- This phase extends from Abbassia square to the exit shaft at Haroun station with a total length of 7.7 Km , where the tunnel portion will be extended for a length of 680 Meters up to Haroun station
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- This phase comprises 4 stations ( Cairo Fair - stadium - Kolyet El-Banat -  Al-Ahram ).
- The execution of this phase started on 1/7/2009 and it is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2014
* TBM  machines used in phase 2 execution:
- Two types of the TBM machines ( Slurry TBM and EPB TBM ) were used in execution of phase 2 due to the difference of the soil nature through the distance from Abbassia station to Haroun station
- This TBM works efficiently with the boring system by using the Bentonite in the sandy soil . Its execution rate is 12-15 meters per day , it`s total weight is 450 tons in addition to 350 tons for the vehicles with total length 75 meter  
* Slurry TBM  :
* EPB TBM  :
- This TBM work efficiently with the boring system by using the Foam in the clay soil. Its execution rate is 6-8 meters per day , The total weight of the TBM is 780 tons in addition to 1935 tons for the vehicles . the total length od the EPB is 175 meter
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